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"He was going to get offers to go to college for track. He was doing big things"
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A Journey through Loss
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The high school senior is being remembered as an outgoing student-athlete with a bright future.

" He was going to get offers to go to college for track. He was doing big things" said friend Nehemiah Knight.  


Instead, the teen is being remembered by classmates, teammates and coaches, with many posting #LLC for Long Live Curt, across social media.


Gray also played football and was known to his classmates for his sense of humor and as a cool kid.

"He was on the rise to greatness, a movement, like trying to build all the kids up, to rise up and do great things, be great, don’t be in the streets doing dumb stuff. When you’ve got talent, use it" Knight said.  

*Article excerpt provided by News4Jax Reporter:  Allyson Henning

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