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We aim to help youth cope with their experiences and prevent further violence using a multifaceted approach that addresses their emotional, psychological, and social needs. We will do this through:


Trauma-Informed Therapy

Provide access to mental health professionals through our FRIENDS OF LLC partners trained in trauma-informed therapy techniques. The aim is to have therapists aid our youth process their experiences, learn coping mechanisms, and develop healthy ways to manage stress.


Support Groups

Facilitate support groups where teens can connect with peers who have had similar experiences. These groups can offer a sense of belonging, validation, and understanding, reducing feelings of isolation and alienation.


Life Skills Training

Through our evidenced based program, “Who Cracked My Egg?” A culinary emotional resilience program, we offer workshops or programs focused on teaching practical life skills such as problem-solving, communication, conflict resolution, and stress management. These skills empower our young people to navigate challenges in a constructive manner, reducing the likelihood of resorting to violence.


Mentorship Programs

We effectively pair youth with mentors who can serve as positive role models and provide guidance, support, and encouragement. Our mentors will help build self-esteem, set goals, and explore constructive outlets for their energy and talent.


Art and Expressive Therapies

We use creative outlets such as rock painting, equestrian therapy (through FRIENDS OF LLC), and journaling as therapeutic tools for self-expression and healing. These modalities can provide youths with alternative ways to process their emotions, communicate their experiences, and explore their identities


Conflict Resolution Training

We provide workshops and training sessions focused on teaching constructive conflict resolution skills. These skills empower teens to resolve conflicts peacefully, manage anger and frustration, and build healthy relationships.


BE GREAT Challenge

Through our BE GREAT Challenge we will proactively engage youth in community service or volunteer activities to foster a sense of connection, purpose, and civic responsibility. By contributing positively to their communities, youths can develop empathy, compassion, and a sense of belonging.


Educational Support

Provide academic support and tutoring services to help youths succeed in school and build a brighter future. Education can serve as a protective factor against violence by offering them opportunities for personal and professional growth.


Family Counseling

Through our resources we offer family counseling or therapy sessions through FRIENDS OF LLC partners to address family dynamics, communication patterns, and underlying issues that may contribute to violence or conflict within the household. It is our fundamental belief that strengthening family relationships and support systems can promote resilience and reduce the risk of violence.


Crisis Intervention Plans

Develop personalized crisis intervention plans for youths at risk of violence, outlining strategies and resources for managing crises effectively. These plans are designed to involve input from the youths themselves, their families, and relevant professionals to ensure comprehensive support and safety.

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We believe by implementing these strategies in conjunction with trauma-informed care and resources, we can effectively help teenagers to cope with their experiences and prevent further violence

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