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About Us

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Curtis' dedication to his motto, Just be Great”, will live on through his Foundation, LLC Rise Above the Violence, Inc.


Curtis' death riveted his community, but his legacy and contributions will live on. Curtis Israel Gray showed us on and off the field what greatness looks like in word, deed, and consistent actions for the improvement of himself and others.

LLC Rise Above the Violence Inc. was formed due to the

brutal killing of Curtis Israel Gray,

a rising star student athlete and community advocate who invested much of his life helping families in Flagler County, FL.


His work in Flagler County, FL was recognized by four Federal Government Agencies:

  • Project Star

  • Project Aim

  • Project Phases 

  • & the Community Rehab of Jacksonville, FL.

Our Story

LLC Rise Above the Violence, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization created to promote safer and more productive communities, schools and households.


The programs and activities are geared toward providing support to youth predisposed to various forms of violence. It is the Foundation's hope to positively impact the lives of youth within the community through trauma informed care and resources in the after-math of crisis.


Our Post Impact Training for community leaders and volunteers, will assist in returning families to normalcy after crisis.

It was unanimously decided by these agencies that he should be awarded the 2019 Prevention Champion Award due to his contributions in positive mental health and substance abuse prevention.

Unfortunately, Curtis was shot and killed on April 13th, 2019 before accepting the prestigious award in person.


His mother, Carmen, was presented the plaque and recognition in her son’s absence on May 29th, 2019. On this same day, the first annual #LongLiveCurtis Track & Field Scholarship was presented by Ms. Gray in his memory

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