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Our Programs

Through fulfillment of the vision and mission of  LLC Rise Above the Violence, Inc., we have several programs for youth within the local community to engage with and experience transformation within their social and educational spheres.

These are:

After School Seminars & Workshops

LLC Rise Above the Violence, Inc. offers Tier 1 support for mental health wellness through virtual seminars and  workshops online with certificates of completion.

  • Crisis management

  • Substance Use prevention

  • Resilience Coaching

  • Peer-to-peer virtual group events


LLC Rise Above the Violence, Inc. provides an effective virtual platform to engage youth, families, and the community. 


The online camp focuses on resilience training through our "Who Cracked My Egg?" learning module to educate youth on the value of mental health wellness using a form of cognitive therapy in a teaching / learning platform.

* We are striving to be Covid-19 compliant and all workshops, seminars and camps are held virtually until further notice.

Community Resources
  • LLC Rise Above the Violence, Inc. serves as a liaison between local businesses and residents to connect youth and families to necessary resources such as:

  • Housing

  • Utility assistance

  • Food pantries

  • Positive Mental health therapy

  • Education

  • Career centers

  • and social organization

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