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Cooking For A Cause

Updated: May 7, 2021

LLC Rise Above the Violence, Inc. will utilize the simplicity of food and conversation as a tool to restore mental wellness and social emotional learning platforms through the art of cooking. These lessons of cognitive therapy and nutritional facts will take place in a place we all love.....the kitchen.

My kitchen is a gathering place for conversation, and purposeful connection. Our Foundation will educate through workshops and seminars how healthy eating can restore good bacteria in the body that blocks depression and anxiety.

Topics we will cover:

  • How to Build a Legacy: Ms. Gray will focus on sharing with young men what she instilled in her son. “Make sure the contributions you make live past your mortal body”.

  • Healing from Trauma: What is trauma, how do we recognize it, and what resources can I use when trauma hits close to home

  • Commitment to Be Great: The choice is yours. Focus and commit to living your best life.

The recipe for these workshops will be shared online, so that parents and Kids can register early enough to purchase the products needed to follow along. LLC Foundation is asking that Businesses and individuals who want to get involved register online for the event. The event is FREE to the public, however we NEED sponsors, donations both monetary and in-kind.

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