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Preparing For Greatness

Create an image of yourself and how you will prepare yourself to maximize that image. What do you want to portray; how would you like to be perceived; what lasting impact will you want to have; what character traits will you convey? When you look at that image of yourself does it make you feel great? Are you proud of the person you aspire to be? We are all evolving, make sure you ar evolving into greatness!


We are all evolving, make sure you ar evolving into greatness!

I have never been so challenged in my life to reach a higher calling of myself. Not on bended knees at the alter, not sitting in the pews of a church and not even after a searing message from the pulpit. I answered a challenge to "be great" at the earnest plea of my son just two days before he was shot and killed.

Pain Propelled Me Into Greatness

I hope for you your launching pad won't be through loss or devastation. I hope that sheer grit and determination will help you find your way to your greatest potential. On the day of my son's murder trial his killer looked me in the eye and said these words:

He was wrong, I found inner peace because I promised my son I would be great! I had a reason greater than my own existence to reach past the pain and attain to the promise I made him. "Son, I promise I will be great". This statement became my beacon of light in the darkest nights of my life.


I encourage you to prepare for greatness, it will be the best blessing you can give yourself, and remember this:

Written by,

Carmen Alexis Gray

Speaker • Author • Entrepreneur

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God has blessed me with the opportunity to become a staff member at a summer camp in vero beach which was the same camp that I rededicated my life to Jesus Christ as my lord and savior and got baptized at in 2018 in old town, Florida. This summer, I have seen God at work with the campers and within me as well. I am so blessed and grateful that I get to do what I love to do and lead this generation of teenagers to Christ.

When I heard, "don't be average, be great," I made a promise that I will be great in anything that I do, and ever since I made that promise in 2019, I never…

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